Old School Tips for the New School Dater

Time has changed dramatically, from the cyber world, app land and even in the real world; in order to survive anything we must have the greatest game plan. Dating is no different. There isn’t anything wrong with loving the single life. Even so, if you don’t know what you are doing, you could easily get caught up in the wrong relationship or worse.  Relationships can be so overwhelming and confusing at times, that it leads people down the path of being a bachelor/bachelorette for a lifetime to avoid any backlash. Hopefully, if you are reading this post you haven’t given up on finding someone you can spend the rest of your life with or simply want more insight on enjoying all the benefits that comes with dating without the pressures of a relationship.

Assuming you are already in a relationship or even married, no worries! You can use my tips to rekindle or find a whole new way to love your partner. This will give you both a chance to see each other in a whole new light. Any love that is new and refreshing is always an exciting feeling to experience so let us inhale that feeling as I take you down the old school road of dating in the new school.

1. Know if you are looking for someone to date, a friendship or a serious relationship before you begin dating. Single? I recommend anyone to not share this information on the first date unless you can without offending anyone. It’s very important for one to know this so that things doesn’t go to far to soon. Recognizing what you are ready to invest into a relationship is the first step to finding what you are looking for. Registering your decision is essential because to deliver, you must have it processed. Acceptance is easier when you are single, that is the best time to recreate yourself because you don’t have anyone’s feelings to consider other than your own. Acknowledging your boundaries, limitations and the reasons for them are very critical to consider. This will give you the confidence when the time comes for you to share this information with your date. They will respect you if they really want to continue dating. It will also rid you of any unnecessary pressure and drama. Not Single? Start with establishing an understanding of how you are going to recreate the relationship. Maybe you don’t know him as a friend, maybe you don’t know the little things about her or even worse you both lost the love. That feeling only means you out grew that type of relationship and it’s time to start a new one. Lost is not gone, you just find a new way!

2. Start with meeting in public places until both parties are comfortable in private. Single? Timing is of the essence. Those days where you can take someone to your home the first day are long gone.  There is nothing wrong with baby steps in dating. Nowadays, communicating online is the safest thing. Especially if the other relationships didn’t work out in the end, trying something new always give you the chance to experience love differently. Make sure you give enough time to get to know the person you are dating and find the friend in them before you consider getting emotional. Not Single? Locating what the relationship is missing and random role play can elevate the union beyond your expectations. Get dressed one day, text your partner a place and time to meet, make sure to arrive five minutes later and walk in looking great from head to toe. You will never fail with surprise. Just remember to never break character and reflect on the characteristics portrayed and your partner’s reaction or response especially after reading the book I linked in tip #3.

3. Look for potential daters who share similarities, backgrounds and aspirations as yourself. Single? Dating with a common ground gives everyone a chance to be themselves and be comfortable. There’s more to talk about, more to do and it can even help with planning future dates. The saying, “opposites attract”, is just a saying. In order to even think of finding someone to build with. there has to be a common ground to lay the foundation. To find out more information about this segment may I suggest, “5 Languages of Love“, by Gary Chapman. Finding someone who speaks the language you understand and knows the dialect that is most proficient will enhance any relationship to its highest heights. Note: If you are like me and realize there are some things in yourself you do not want in a mate. Finding someone who share the qualities you do like in yourself, can actually help you work on those things you don’t like. Not Single? Please feel free to click on the link as well. With creating a new relationship will create new partners. It begins with the hearts within the union, this book will help you understand the way you and your partner loves and receives love. Identifying this will rebuild and/or intensify the communication and trust within the union.

4. Embrace your Space. Single or Not? This is the best resource for decision-making. Space allows you to support balance when you are in an unfamiliar situation. Remember this is your life, you don’t want to be in and out of relationships until you die, right? Giving your date/spouse and yourself the time needed to process the previous date or deep conversation is the greatest gift anyone could give. No one feels pressured. After a couple of days or weeks (depending on your status) when you both meet again, everyone will be refreshed and anxious. There will be so much to talk about and do, the possibilities are endless. Even if you live together you can still embrace your spaces. Finding a favorite spot or room in the house, when no one is there or you want some alone time, just go in there. If both are in the room, you all can embrace your spaces by finding something you like to do. The whole motive is to keep the relationship interesting.

5. Weigh your options before you decide to become exclusive. Single? Assuming you are being open and honest with your dates while single. I would recommend to date openly with no strings for a sufficient amount of time. In the heat of the moment things happen but especially women, sex isn’t our best friends during this stage in love. It can cloud your better judgment. Our best friend is time. For Men and Women, we are both attracted to those who has self-control so start with being attracted to our own. This is a very crucial time and you can’t leave anything to chance. Even if someone has portrayed a persona, the longer you date them, the sooner you will meet that other person. It makes it easier when it’s elimination time. Not Single? This is the moment of truth. After giving it your all, reading books, getting new ideas and trying new things, I hope my tips and link gives you a little more insight, inspiration and confidence to fight for your love and keep evolving into a force that’s unbreakable.
Thanks  for your time, I hope to have given something to take with you until next time!!!Jacinta Yvette

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