Master The Art of Perception: Begin with the Enemy

Competition is a game of perception and life is your arena. Your mind is the only tool that will assure victory or defeat. In my opinion, all competition has the potential to make great outcomes. Positive thinking, humility, purpose and preparation are essential for survival. If it doesn’t kill you, you will get stronger! Better known as our rivals, adversaries, opponents, predators and even haters. Easily spotted when you’re interviewing for a specific position, always when there’s someone you have your eyes on or just any time you want greatness. Some play dirty while others play by the rules but if you don’t know how to play yourself, you will lose every time. Yes, it is necessary to play the game to win in life. Self preservation is a right, not a privilege.

Perception- is an attitude or understanding based on what is observed or thought. The five stages of perception are guidelines to broaden your conscious awareness. They are sensing, integration, analysis, reaction and decision-making. How do we perceive the ones we are competing against? 1. Do we hold negative emotions towards them? 2. Do they make us cringe at first sight? 3. Can we look at them in the eyes, smile without a flinch and walk away as if nothing happened? Ten times out of ten, it’s the first two. Did you know that the way you view your competition can affect your next moves and the outcome? It can stir your focus and take you off your own path. Or narrow your focus and drive to obtain your desires.

In order to act differently, we have to think differently. The old saying, “Make your haters your motivators,” is the best way to do so. Here’s my Top 10 list of ways the competition can help you meet your goals:

10. They keep you on your toes

9. They push you to be the best

8. They help you possess self control

7. They help you stand out

6. They bring the attention to you

5. They strengthen your endurance

4. They help to boost your self confidence

3. They ignite your passion and drive

2. The experience deepens your understanding

1. You walk away a better person

Thanks for stopping by! Below I have more information on today’s topic. Please feel free to leave comments, I would love to hear from you! I hope I shared something to take with you until next time!

Jacinta Yvette

More information on Haters:

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