How the Phoenix of the Future Rose from the Fire of the Past

Hi Everyone and Welcome to my Page! If I have anyone returning from 2015, I would like to extend a special welcome back to you all!

First, I would like to start by apologizing for not being as prepared as I would have liked to have been at that time.

If this is your first time on my page, I want everyone to know that I am committing to a year’s worth of content that is scheduled to be posted Every Sunday! Once I begin to engage more viewer’s I will be posting more frequently throughout the weeks. So Fingers crossed!

We are finally in a New Year! I Wish An Exceedingly Happy One To Every One!

I’ve decided to create this post to fill in the gaps that caused me to return 7 years after I published my last post. (I promise I will elaborate more on upcoming posts about everything individually)

By November, 2014, I was practically ran off from the company because of the poor treatment provided by management.

By February, 2015, I was on my way back to Macon, Georgia.

Nine days later, I was rudely tossed on my ass by a close family member that led me to reside with family friends.

By March of 2015, I was living with a childhood friend. I had been working on going back to school to finish a program I started and didn’t get a chance to finish in 2001.

I began school September 2, 2016, to finally finish school and obtain my cosmetology license. On September 30, 2016, our apartment caught on fire. Just when I thought my life couldn’t get any worse, right!?

While I was in school, I went to live with a classmate with the understanding that, even though it was not required, I would pay rent. To any normal person, it should have been the worst time to think about sex, the “trusted” classmate attempted to rape me one night.

So I ended up living at, “The Salvation Army of Central Georgia.”

I am not going to go into much details in this post about my experiences while being a “homeless college student,” but I will say, I was appalled by the level of disrespect given by the same individuals who’s jobs were to care enough to help me get back on my feet.

I am a proud recipient of mental health support.

Being that I have been in the program for more than six months before the fire, I was offered so much support, I never expected to ever receive in my life!

Seven months later, I was moving into my own apartment on April 7, 2017! I was so excited and all of the space! Oh My God, The Space!

When I first moved in, I only had a floor mattress, no TV, some pots and pans and nothing else. I didn’t have a job, no internet but I still had Str8 Trip’n Entertainment on my heart and mind. I had to get back to a point of being able to help others!

I survived several more life changes within this residence.

The latest event that occurred was in 2019, when a person posing as a friend decided I made them mad enough to damage my property with their automobile. I took that ass to court! I won! I replaced everything they damaged and then some (I was granted over 3k). I didn’t receive any of my stimulus in 2020.

By the time my stimulus arrived, I was employed up the street from my place. I held on to my dreams no matter what. Now I live in my dreams and create more! I am finally able to return and share way more stories than I had the first time around! #FunTimes

2021 Me

I have renamed this version of myself as TRIP. It is an acronym for The Rest Is Possible. I held on to that notion and I have been seeing results since 2007!

I am a Survivor! I Survived Dysfunction, Favoritism, Backstabbers, Set Ups, Assaults, Abuse and Neglect as Jacinta. I honor my story. That is why I have given my business my birth name. Yours Truly Jacinta Yvette is from My Heart. I will be respected as TRIP because The Rest Is Possible.

I have learned how to help without allowing anyone to hurt me. I am still receiving treatment to maintain a stable mind and way of living. I have begun creating and selling dream catchers as a way to keep others inspired to follow their dreams. Soon I will also be painting!

I have my own place, happily alone. I am studying to become a bartender and obtain my alcohol permit.

In most cases, I have learned to laugh in the many faces of negativity, however, at a point some things are not funny. If anything gets to a serious point, I have mastered enough restraint to just handle it seriously. I always keep my 5 most important things in my life in mind. (My Life, My Loved Ones, My Goals, My Purpose and My Freedom) As long as nothing is a threat to those 5 things, I am open to the possibility of anything good being apart of my life.

My Business Goals In 2022

Gradually Begin Posting Daily (Beginning With Survival Sundays & every 1st of the Month)

Create and Coordinate community based events beginning with Macon-Bibb County, Georgia

Gain Sponsorships

Create and Sale my Art


Upcoming Podcast

Reach out to victims, Younger and Older, to share my stories and offer any assistance needed in order to get them and their families into a safer situation. Help individuals in taking the steps needed in order to become survivors.

Encourage and Offer support to children that needs to be pointed in the right direction to execute any plan they seek to do for their future.

Until Next Time… take care!

Yours Truly


Remote Mental Health Services

Self Help Books Great for 2022

I am not a doctor, psychologist or therapist yet. I am a life coach! I am a self-motivator! I have learned the art of finding happiness in all things and other arts of everyday living. This year I am asking for viewers’ participation! The challenges are simple suggestions to nudge you towards giving something new a chance! So I will be posting engaging suggestions at the bottom of most posts depending on the topic. # the title on any of my social medias to comment on anything you liked, didn’t like or want to know more of. This is going to be a fun year for us to get to know one another! I hope you are as excited as I am! Until the next post, take care everyone

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