The First Step of Change

The Changes In the World

We are Still Waiting on That

We would Rather Believe the Blind instead of Researching Facts

Life’s Ups and Downs should be Handled the Same

Don’t be Letting Materials Change You because You Gotta Little Change

They say a Drunk Man Will Speak a Sober Man’s Mind

As Long As I Know Who Got My Back, I can Leave Them Both Behind

I have Withstood Storms, Endured Rain been Through the Fire and Conquered Pain

It’s just the Game of Life or Life’s Little Game better Learn how to Play before you end up Ashamed

No Matter What, Hold Your Head Up High, Just Take The First Step because Inside of You there is An Army Solidly In Depth

Have the Faith to Hold On then Soon You Will See

In Order for Me to Change the World, I Had To Start With Me!


Self-Love Workbook for Women
Self Love Workbook for Anyone

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