How Living In Numbers Created a Life of Abundance

I have grown to not care about what others think. I do what feels right, best and positive for me and my life. Life has become a lot easier because I have grown to be a very decisive person.

First, I decided on my own to be a rebel of society and not follow the masses. I then picked nature, zen and the state of being as a way to connect. I’ve never desired to do anything because of what someone else or especially others were doing.

Someone once suggested that I get to know myself. I found out Jacinta meant, “a sapphire (my birthstone) and a sweet-smelling flower.” After doing some digging, I come to find that Jacinta was derived from the latin origin, which meant, “holier than thou.” Later, come to find out there is a story connecting the reason my name was denoted. Living life through my namesake allows me the understanding of reason beyond explanation.

I began experimenting with different elements of the spiritual world (Chakra, Astrology, Zen, Aura and such). I wondered into the study of numbers which is also referred to as Numerology.

Come to find out at one point in time symbols and numbers were our only way of communicating.

So I learned my birth numbers. There is a method to converting letters into numbers to find the numeric meaning of your name.

The information relates to your life path, career choices, love life and health. I will not say that it is always 100% accurate but it is useful when it comes to choosing a new life path, career, companion or just learning more about yourself.

For me, it was realizing why certain things were happening to me or being better prepared after I missed opportunities.

As Far as relationships, numbers are the truth! It helps me know which numbers I get along with as friends and in a relationship.

Because my personal year is 1, my theme for 2022 is, “The Celebration of Self.” This is the beginning of my 9-year cycle. New Posts, New Goals and New Experiences to share with everyone. There is nothing wrong with self care, self preservation or self motivation. This year I will be posting different ways to look out for self.

Until next time..Take Care!

Yours Truly

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