Which Tyler Perry’s Sista Are You

For the past 3 seasons, Tyler Perry’s Sistas, has been keeping everyone glued to their TVs every Wednesday night to see what new twists are going to unravel on the screen! In the beginning it was about 4 friends from college, who are now in their thirties, still single and still learning they still have a lot to learn about life. Andi’s assistant, Fatima Wilson, has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that time isn’t the only thing that means loyalty. Picking up exactly where we left off at on the last season.

Okay, now! So January 5, 2022, was the first episode of the 4th season with A Brick Wall! Yay Sistas! By the end of the show, we now know:

Andi finds out she was just having the worse dream of her life.

Karen is greeted with a guest from law enforcement looking for Zac.

Danni finally unloads all of her deep feelings about Preston to Preston.

Sabrina was trying to find the best way to console Maurice.

Fatima finds out her white dress was stained and by the end of the episode, finds out her set up might have set her up for a new life as a crime! I mean WHY didn’t she make sure they knew not to kill him, kill him there OR leave the body! Ah but anyways…

I thought it would be interesting to share which characters we all can relate to the most. Post your comments belowπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ Okay, I’ll go first!

I relate to them all but some more than others, I have decided to divide everyone up into percentages to add up to 100%. <—–I’m the 100%😊

Fatima 35% – The last of the sistas but the one who has shook the screens since the first day we seen her! She was introduced to the world as just any other lawyer’s assistant and ended up being the most relatable character of the show. She started off being treated like random help by her boss, Andi Barnes. Now it is hard for Andi to keep the lines between work and girl talk separate. In spite of being mistreated by her boss, when her boss was in deep shit, Fatima was the only one who had her back then and it seems like will have her back from now on! Her relationship with Zac is phenomenon and natural. She built him up and that made him want to do for her! I am team Zatima!

Danni 35%Facetious, Supportive and Hardworking. When it comes to showing up for her sistas, Danni is your girl! What I love about her, if anyone needs to know the truth in one season, she cuts time short. That’s with her girls and Zac, Preston was a different story. I watched the reunion, I saw the pitch of her confronting him but I didn’t expect to see it on the very first episode. Danni Finally Shared her Feelings with Preston! But I don’t think she really made her point to Preston and was left unsatisfied by his reaction. Regardless, she didn’t let Preston stop her from enjoying herself in season 3! I’m anxious to see what is to come for Ms. King this season!

Andi 20% – Andi has been rocking the show ever since the first season with her career driven attitude but still had the time to show he girlie side with her girls and softer side with the opposite sex. I am so glad she has broken the chain between her and Gary. She started losing me after she remained loyal to him even after he took her through all of those changes with her home, money, car and career. I’m not going to lie, my heart did flutter when Gary proposed, kinda, but I was relieved when she snapped back into reality. She has every right to carry herself so highly but I’m also happy to see her exploring, having fun and letting loose a little. I’m hoping this season she focuses more on herself and her own happiness without a relationship. With Andi, who knows!?

Karen 8%Now Karen had me at first! Independent, Owns her salon and out of all of the girls it seemed like she was the one who had it all together. Except when it came to Zac. Once she cut him loose, she had us thinking he stole from her then tables turned for her and Zac. Her accusing him was the straw that broke the camel’s back, he moved on. She lost me once she began to act needy when I was so use to her being the strongest out of the group. It seems like she envies what Zac and Fatima has. Two questions everyone wants to know: 1 is she really pregnant? and 2 is Zac the father!?

Sabrina 2% Sabrina works, takes care of herself by herself and is often seen as the “peacemaker’ of the bunch. She lost me when she wanted to be with a man who wants her to do male roles and he act like the female in a sense. (no disrespect to the LGBTQ community) But I need 100% man! No booty play, thongs, dancing in gay clubs or hanging with shifty friends! I like her because she is head strong, will do what she wants to do and being that I always want a friend like Maurice, I had to count that in too!

Yes, I will be glued to my screen for episode 2 of season 4, “Still Water Runs Deep.” Where we find out more details of Hayden’s body being discovered dead. I’m just so mad at the writer’s that they didn’t write in Fatima’s posse to be as smart and calculating as her. His body could’ve been discovered anywhere else making it harder for them to catch the culprit and it would’ve been interesting to watch Fatima’s move from that prospective. But that’s not going to stop me from seeing how all of this transpires. Tyler Perry and Michelle Sneed has been really showing out, I’m expecting nothing short of thrills, suspense and a dose of humor this season.

So that made up my 100% which means I am a part of every sista! Going into this new season my order of which character I can relate to the most to least are, Fatima & Danni both with 35% each, Andi 20%, Karen 8% and Sabrina 2%.

Comment below your thoughts about the sistas and brothers in sistas, actresses/actors or which one(s) you !

Thank you for viewing! Until next time…Take Care! Yours Truly

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