Toxic People, Situations and How Do I Get Away

Hey and Welcome Back!

In this generation, you can end up befriending an enemy, recruiting an opposer to be romantic with or be related to the worse person imaginable. While you can’t pick your family members, you can decide who will be in your inner circle. In most cases, it is not always easy to get out of a toxic situation. You may be married, living with or even feel like you are at the mercy of the person or circumstance. Just know no matter what, It Is NEVER To Late!

Habitually, toxic people has tons of tale tell signs to show you they are in fact toxic. My advice would be to give people time (yes time ESPECIALLY before you have sex! I’ll explain why in a new post) and get to know them thoroughly before you even begin a relationship. Your ears and eyes are your best friends when it comes to detecting a toxic person.

Are they contradicting themselves? Do they keep their words? Do they always have excuses for everything that goes wrong on their end? Those are just a few signs but like I said before, giving the opportunity to really get to know this individual or situation is vital.

Are they freshly out of a relationship? What are they saying is the reason they broke up with their ex? Are they blaming everything on the other person? Are they telling you all of the bad things about this person? There is a reason why they are telling you this. 10 times out of 10, if you just keep everything said in mind and watch, they will show you the real reason they most likely were dumped.

If you are already involved, Are they trying to isolate you from your friends or family? Have you went from enjoying your time even with this person to just doing what this person wants to do? There’s a reason they want you all to themselves. This individual could be obsessive, jealous, manipulative or even worse all three, which are a few of the characteristics of a narcissistic person. In that case, RUN!

My Challenge To My Viewers:

One day when you have the opportunity, really evaluate your standards. What makes you happy, what makes you tick, what do you call disrespect and what do you consider total disrespect? Begin with the individuals around you and measure them up to your standards. If they measure up, keep them on your team. (Really break down the reason those individuals are needed/wanted in your life) If they don’t, whatever you need to do in order to let that individual go their way. Last but not least, commit to doing what is best for you with no explanation!

Until the next post! I wish you all Greatness!

Yours Truly

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