My First Martin Luther King’s Day

Do you remember your first Martin Luther King’s Day?

I remember my first day out of school to celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Junior. It was in January, 1990 (ooh yea back in the day!). The sun was shining but it was cool enough for a little jacket. One of my classmates came over to spend the day with me.

Being 6, I didn’t fully understand life or death. My classmate and I decided to write Dr. King. In my letter, I remember expressing my gratitude for his determination to bring change to our nation.

Once we were done, I asked my great-uncle MC to take our letters to where they needed to go to reach Mr. King. Not wanting to disappoint us, he agreed then left to run errands.

I’ve been to the King’s burial grounds in Atlanta, Georgia, several times throughout my life. I tend to learn something new about him or his family each time I visit.

I’ve always enjoyed my visits because it is so peaceful and liberating.

I hope to see his statue in D.C. soon!

The King’s inspire me to stand firmly on my belief and be willing to do all of the work necessary to see it through.

What’s your King’s Day Story?? Share Below!

Until Next TimeTake Care!

Yours Truly

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