The Power of Taking Your Life Back part 2

Hi My Wonderful Viewers! I have some great news!

I am delighted to share that I found my kitten! He and his brother has been reunited and now everything is back to normal. Like I said in the previous post, I did not allow this situation to knock my mental balance off. It would have been a great challenge that I would’ve had to conquer but I am glad I didn’t have to work on it. Not even two days after the kitten was taken, I was informed it was located in the building next to mines in my apartment complex.

The “very smart” person decided they couldn’t stand not having a feline of their own and asked another neighbor to get one for them. That “smart” person decided that not only were they going to take my cat, they were also going to give it to someone else. This brings me to two types of people who are also known as, “hinderers.” Today I want to introduce you to the people I like to call, “The Problem Havers” and “The Problem Solvers

Problem Having People are in the boats they are in because all they know to do is accumulate problems. Everyday routines could become complicated because everything could string on a chain of situations they can not handle. Having the motivation to solve those problems are not there. They are often seen as a downer in some sort by others. May even be seen as envious. If ever someone complains about everything with new complaints all of the time, that’s a Problem Haver. The only solution would be to start solving your own problems one at a time. With a lot of motivation, of course!

Since we all are always looking for a quick fix, a problem haver’s closest go to would be, The Problem Solver. To be clear, this is only the solution when the problem haver is only asking for advise or suggestions. An enabler would only make things worse.

Problem Solvers are everyone’s go-to people for advise, to be heard, for support or even to take action. Problem solving is a hindrance when the person is not willing to do for themselves with the expectancy of another handling their problem. It is also a hindrance when you have to use a non-compliant third party to solve the problem. I did not give permission to the lady to take the cat out of my yard nor did I agree to give the kitten to the other person. Problem solvers never solve problems when they are start problems for someone else at the same time.

My Challenge to My Viewers

Self Check! Are you a problem solver, problem haver or a person who takes life as it comes and goes while trying not to make others’ lives worse? Try to make it a habit of catching yourself before being a hindrance to yourself or anyone else. Find the balance between having and solving problems with yourself first. If there were a time you were a hinder-er to someone else, if you can apologize, apologize. That moment will free everyone involved!

Thank you for sharing your time with me! Until next post!

Yours Truly

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