The Power of Taking Your Life Back

Someone told me I looked like I lost my dog today. Well No, I didn’t lose my dog it was my kitten.

It wasn’t lost, someone stole him.

I just went to work for 5 hours. He, his brother and mother were all outside like always and when I got home today he was gone. So instead of letting this turn my day and life upside down, I decided to come back to the blogging world (which I was already in process of) and begin pouring my heart out!

So if you didn’t get how I maintained my power in this situation, how about I give you some examples of how to easily give up your power.

  1. When someone or a situation bothers you to the point where you are acting out of character.
  2. When it seems like you won’t live unless you are around a person or a place.
  3. When other people’s opinion about you matters to the point where you will go out of your way to comply.
  4. When you find yourself being treated poorly by the people you want to be around.
  5. When your life, your decision, your environment is not the result of your decision but is the result of what you allowed to happen or is currently allowing.

The Solution:

Take Your Life Back!

I know that it may sound easier than it really is. Some may have it way harder than others. Trust me as we get to know each other better and learn my story, eventually I will have you believing that nothing is impossible too!

One of the first times I remember being placed in a hopeless situation. I was just getting out of an engagement. While I was trying to contact my ex to retrieve my belongings, he thought it would be smart to petition a court order for protection. I was already at a disadvantage, we were living together so I moved out and into a hotel room. I didn’t really have enough money to move into an apartment so eventually I found a decent boarding house. My bank account was overdrawn, I didn’t have money for food or anything else a female would need or want.

I woke up one morning and said to myself, “I’m taking my life back!” Not really knowing how I was going to do that, I mentally prioritized what I needed to do in order to get my life back on point. I went to the bank, I got witnesses to write vouch of character statements and I got my case prepared for court. In court, not only did I kick his butt, I got the judge to drop his case and grant me my money for our bedroom suit he took.

Trust me I have way more examples of ways to take your life back and I promise I will discuss all of them here on this blog! (may be in different scenerios or circumstances) I have been where some of you are, looking for any solution to get back in control of your life. I can honestly say, if the desire is there then That Is The Best Start to Have! The desire sparks fire that fuels your passion! A rational action plan to get back in control of your life and stay in control of your life would be the next to last step. The last step is making sure you stay aware of how precious Your Power is and appreciate the freedom that comes with it enough to not lose it again.

Until the Next Post!

Yours Truly,

Jacinta Yvette

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