10 Ways I Keep Myself Motivated

Life changes occur at any time. Some things are life altering. Other things are like water under a bridge. A loved one passing is one example of a change that can leave us with the feeling that we can not move on. When a person was of significance, there is no way to avoid knowing they are no longer within your reach anymore. At times like this, sometimes you have to be the one to pull yourself out of hole or make sure you don’t fall in in the first place. I decided to pick 10 ways I keep myself on life’s course no matter how painful it is to move on.

1. I stay focused on my goals I come to learn that goals are a road map I create from just a thought to work towards something tangible. It helps me stay out of trouble. It leaves little time to get stuck in moments when you have an obligation to yourself and in my case, to you my readers, to keep producing content.

2. Maintain a balance between “me time” and spending time with others I am a hermit by nature but also enjoy being a social butterfly at times. At my home that is also my office for now, I enjoy being alone more. I work in retail so I am always talking to people or meeting back up with people I may have lost touch with. It does take a lot of energy to maintain an outstanding career in the retail industry, I allow my solitude to re-energize me. Every time I return I am always refreshed, friendly and informative because I don’t allow myself to become drained.

3. Get plenty of rest I don’t know about anyone else but I could end up being a-whole-nother person when I don’t get enough sleep. I make sure to get at least 6.5 hours of sleep. Staying in bed is some times necessary like when your body needs to heal. We have to be aware of those times we stay in bed to avoid a person, place or situation. Having a healthy sleep pattern allows us to be alert, aware and conscious in everyday life.

4. Invest energy into people, places and situations that also gives you positive energy in return That is an effective way to remain motivated throughout your life. Positivity can be a breath of fresh air to a dry situation. There are strength in numbers the more positive people are around the likely you will get through any situation that comes your way.

5. Maintain a Positive Mindset What sets me apart from a lot of positive influence-rs, I use truth as a method to encourage, uplift and motivate others. It’s great to always believe/know that everything is going to be okay and it is another being proactive enough to ensure that it will be better than okay. I face the good, the bad and the ugly in all situations in order to free myself from any person, place or situation especially if they are a threat to my everyday life. I meditate, I am always grateful for everything that comes with life’s changes and view every challenge as opportunities to grow.

6. Keep an organized and clean environment Preserving a clean living space allows you to think freely. Meditation teaches us that everything has it’s place. By properly placing things around you allows you to properly place things in your mind, body and spirit. When your environment is not as organized and clean, it is a sign of an imbalance in your life. “Cleanliness” is next to “Godliness” because it allows you to see the potential in everything and your space is a reflection of you.

7. Take heed to life’s callings Life is a whole bunch of cycles that is connected because you are alive! Everything happens for a reason, some for a season and some lasts for a lifetime. Through meditation and having a peaceful spirit I am able to hear the quiet voice instructing me to do something. I obey that voice. The reasons are always reveal after I am told to do my part. I was told to contact my mom and a childhood best friend. I obeyed just in time to reach out to them because not to long after they graduated back to the sky. By obeying what I feel compelled to do allows me to move on without any regrets.

8. Do self checks and self care as needed I am my own best friend. I have to look at myself, be able to identify what I am really feeling and do whatever I have to in order to get myself balanced. I am honest with myself no matter how much it hurts. I find the energy to spend on myself in order to keep myself in good spirits. I do whatever is necessary for my own well being.

9. Aromatherapy There are scents and smells that are meant to elevate, uplift and relax you, to say the least. I love to use smells after I have cleaned up my spaces and I want to set the ambience. I use them whenever I leave and when I return home, it’s like the scents rushes me inside as if I never left. One smell I am fund of is Baby Powder.

10. Upholding the state of mind that won’t allow me to give up, give in or give out The name I call myself is Trip! I portray the persona as if I am the human to the noun and verb, “Trip.” In my life it means The Rest Is Possible. Every time someone calls me that they are reminding of that fact.

I just recently lost a dear friend in which I had been knowing since I was a child. We unfortunately didn’t get a chance to see one another in person but we did stay in touch through social media up until the day before the accident that killed her. I was nearly consumed by my feelings until I was walking to work and someone called me by my nickname. I was then brought back to the present time that led me to look at everything from a different viewpoint. I allowed myself the time to grieve and wallow in my sorrow up until the day of her homecoming. I picked myself up and is slowly getting back to things that keeps me going.

Thank you for your time! Until next time.. Take Care!!

Yours Truly

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