Responsibility, Accountability and the Benefits of Covering Your Ass

Hi and Welcome Back! Let’s jump right in!

I was at work just like any other day. I am a sales associate where I work so it is expected to stock products as well as take care of customers on the register. I had a customer come with a Gatorade to purchase. I rung her up and gave her her total, which was 3.87. Now instead of handling the situation with a logical approach, she decides to yell at me as if I purposely made the amount what it was. While on the phone she decided to indirectly talk about me as if I was not there or didn’t have a right to defend myself just because I was at work.

I got a co worker to stand in my place to try to handle the situation because all I saw was the lady trying to find a reason to pick a fight with me. As I continued to work, I was greeting customers as they were entering the store, I could hear her complain because I didn’t allow her or her issue to ruin my day. Being that she had already threatened to call corporate on my dba (doing business as name which is not my given name) I decided to do what I like to call, “Covering My Ass.”

It is really easy for anyone to help you into a situation that will mess you up in the end. Being responsible is never easy. This is a habit that can be learned through practice. The more I became responsible growing up, I became more proud of myself with each completed task. Eventually I became what is called accountable. To me, once I learned how to be responsible with myself, it allowed me to make more decisions that would be more beneficial for me and my well being. When it came to my place of employment, it is never easy for anyone to try to file a complaint on my person because I make sure I learn my job and don’t make any decisions outside of the company’s policy.

My manager was notified before the lady left the store. How about she didn’t even buy the drink, even after all of the fuss she made.

I’m going to break down the benefit of knowing my responsibilities and being accountable:

  1. While I am off, I am responsible and accountable for myself and my own actions (simple huh)
  2. While I am at work, I am responsible and will be held accountable for my position and expected to uphold company’s policy with exceptional customer service

The benefit comes from the ability to keep everything in perspective to not allow her to control my actions. (In turn she ended up giving me control which I didn’t take the liberty to act on) By already being aware of these types of situations and people allows me to already have my guard up and be ready for anything. The customer gives a prime example of where I have to draw the line at my responsibilities and accountabilities.

In this situation the benefit is knowing I am only responsible for me, my positions and my actions! The customer came in complaining on the phone about her day. She entered our establishment with a negative air. Once I rung her up, she tried to spread her day to me. That made her mad. When she realized she wasn’t affecting me negatively, like it seemed she wanted, she still tried by mocking me while I was greeting customers. Not knowing she just gave me a new topic to post about!

We all have problems, some bigger than others. No matter what we are going through, we have remember the universal law. “I have a right to do whatever I want as long as I Don’t Affect The Lives of Others!” I had to add, “negatively.” Even so each day I go into the world, I know there is always one out there looking to pass on, “a very bad day.” Breaking down ways to be more self-aware has saved me from accepting their bad days.

My Challenge for My Readers:

Responsibility: Work on the habit of making healthier life choices in any area(s) you see that you are not so responsible in (if I need to make a post to elaborate please comment).

Accountability: What ever you do or don’t do, stand behind it! When asked if you did or didn’t do it, be honest. If needed, explain your action or inaction in detail.

Covering Your Ass: Most known it to be CYA. Example: I am so responsible and accountable, I will contact the proper authorities on my own to disclose about my person. My work ethics and integrity speaks for itself. My character displays certain traits that not even the worst person on Earth could get me fired even if it was their company. (I say that in the most humble way, of course)

Self-Awareness: Know that you are not responsible for no one but yourself and those in your care. In my life, I am only entitled to be a sister, niece and aunt. If I decide to take on any responsibilities that would be a decision only I will make. I am not responsible for no ones bad day and I will not give anyone a reason to hurt me if I can help it. By being more aware of myself has helped me to be more prepared for those who are not like myself, master ways to defeat them and not feel bad if they put themselves in a situation that caused my approach to not be so nice.

Thanks again for stopping by! Until Next Time.. Take Care!

Yours Truly

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