Black History Month: Health & Wellness

From my earliest memories of being introduced to, “Black History Month.” It was a time to learn about people who look more like me and most of the time every year it was taught the same way. The teachers I had, most did not look like me. They really didn’t know any more than what their books were instructing them to teach. The delivery was never interesting or captivating like it is today. I am so glad that with technology and social media we are able to learn more about the people of our past and is working towards having a greater impact on our future!

I celebrate all occasions everyday! This year’s theme for Black History Month is Health and Wellness! So I’ve decided to list a few challenges for you to consider trying this month to encourage you to take a spiritual and mental approach to 2022’s theme for black history.

In my adulthood, I show gratitude and appreciation for all of the individuals who fought, created and triumphed over inequality.

I celebrate the history of all of my ancestors by learning as much as I can about all people of color. Just because books dictate who’s who and what’s what, I don’t look at history in that way. I am making history now! By putting something tangible into the universe, We All Are Contributing to History Everyday!

Black History Health & Wellness Month’s Challenges:

Be The Contributing Factor!

LearnLet’s learn as much as we can about people of color from the past, present and future.

GratitudeShowing appreciation helps us to become empowered by those individuals to do great things today.

CreateAllow the knowledge and connection to inspire you to produce something tangible or become a leader for something you believe in.

SupportHistory is everyday! Support and Encourage other people of color who are trying to make great name for themselves.

That’s all I have for now! Until Next Time.. Take Care!!

Yours Truly

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Black History Movies

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