Surviving the Loss of a Friend

I would like to take the time to share about my best buddy, Shineka Hughes a*k*a Neka. We have been friends since the 3rd grade. We would always be on the phone laughing, joking and gossiping. Some of my family members would be jealous because of how much fun I was having with her.

Every time we would hang out, it would be like an adventure, something ironic would always happen. I remember one new year’s, she spent the night over my aunt’s house with me. On the way home from the store, there was this car coming up the street. I remember thinking to myself, it’ll be funny if this car starts coming towards us. As I was thinking it, the car was actually coming towards us. I was froze in thought. Shineka tugged my shoulders and said, “Girl, you better come on!” We ran as far as we could to get back to my aunt’s house.

We would go to the mall even when it wasn’t Saturday, we didn’t care! We would go to different stores, take pictures but one thing that we really enjoyed was going upstairs to drop pennies and run!

In our adulthood, Shineka was committed to her studies. She was working hard to make a better life for herself and her mom. She was dedicated to becoming a contractor nurse. She had just recently received her LPN license.

We could not spend as much time because we all had our own lives but Shineka and I still spoke through social media all the way until recently before she was called home.

I didn’t get my brother’s message until 2 days after she died. I almost lost it. My only friend from childhood is gone!

At the funeral, when we all were asked to speak, I could not. I was not prepared.

So I decided to take the time to dedicate this post to a friend everyone should have a chance to have in their lives!

So I ask anyone who visits this post, take the moment and be grateful for any chance to have any person in their lives as good as Shineka was to me!

She was Truly One of a Kind!

Yours Truly

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