My Love of Art: Why I Create Dream Catchers

Hi Everyone! Happy Valentine’s Day! This is the Day of Love. So I decided to share with you my love of art! I love colors, creating, designing, decorating, organizing and merchandising!

I’ve always wanted my own dream catcher. In spite of all of the excuses I told myself of why I could not have one, I still desired to have one.

Someone approached me about 5 years ago and gave me a box. What appeared to be trash was actually a lot of gifts including a few dream catchers. I kept one of the dream catchers that I have hung in my bedroom since the day I moved into my place in 2017.

I would find myself staring at it as if it was telling me something but I just didn’t know what.

Once I began working for this local retail store, I found out we sold dream catcher kits. I never knew my ability to create such beautiful work was in me. Never imagined how it would help to keep me more focused on what really matters in my life.

1st Cycle of Creating; The Vision: Wrapping the Ring I make sure every time I am creating dream catchers, I am in a positive state of mind. The shape, colors and embellishments are purposely put together for the individual or the effect I am looking for.

2nd Cycle of Creating; Connecting: Webbing I learned the basic web design for hoop dream catchers. I have done crescent moons, stars, squares and I have yet to start on my unicorn shaped rings! Again, fusing positive energy into my web. The more webs I create the faster and more detailed I have become. I have been shocking myself with my results! To me, the web is the heart of the dream catchers because they tie everything together. I love dressing up the webs occasionally by adding crystals, words and even butterflies, just to name a few.

3rd Cycle of Creating; Birth of the Creation: Embellishments When it comes to specific orders, I will have their orders as requested. When I am finishing my vision, I like for the inspiration to hit me. I keep my dream catcher in plain view and I stare at it while random ways to decorate runs through my head. I prefer to take my time at this point to consider all possibilities.

Because I am aware of the length of time it may take for me to finish the final cycle, I make sure to stay ahead.

I enjoy being able to see my vision and hold it. I try to get to know as much as I can about my clients in an attempt to pour everything I know into their dream catcher. This is one of my gifts to the world! All of my gifts require imagination, creativity and colors!

For more information, please visit Jacinta’s Dream Catchers or email me at for prices and orders!

Thank you for your time! Until Next Time.. Keep Shining and Take Care!

Yours Truly


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