Mystical Philosophies in Everyday Living

This post is not a review but a comparison to my observation of how fantasy is often inspired by reality.

What if I told you just like magic, you could make things appear out of thin air? A thought is just an idea, if I was to linger on that thought long enough in the daytime, it’s a what? Daydream. If I prepare myself to make that dream come true, get all of supplies needed, with having the skill to create something with my bare hands has allowed me to turn nothing into something. Magic, right?

There are tons of opinions about the Harry Potter movies. The only reason it took me so long to see it was because I don’t do what everyone is doing when everyone is doing it. For an open minded individual, I can show you with this movie, how we are no different than the characters.

Our power comes from your mind, heart and spirit agreeing with a passion. It’s not a wand that you need to have in order to turn nothing into something (magic).

For healing, for those in tune with their bodies, there are remedies instead of going to the doctor for something minor. In fact, if anyone knew the scientific, mathematics and/or psychological calculation/measurements to whatever they’re am looking to achieve, they could be a very powerful individual. That is no different than a formula or potion.

We have the ability to speak things into existence. Some can even foresee what’s going to happen. <–(Foresight is the Gift of Common Sense) When we speak on something that literally happens, how is that any different than a spell? Do I actually need a book with poems to recite along with different recipes to cook for my guest of honor?

Television says ghosts. In real life, we have spirits. The dwarfs, goblins and warlocks (just to name a few) may not be as hideous as on the big screen but I can assure you that there are humans who look similar to those creatures and more on the inside. Some of those individuals, with depending on their hearts and their passions, could in fact alter the future.

As humans, it’s sad to say, We Are Weaker to the Glitter. We Are More Lax when it comes to doing Anything Manually Anymore. Even Using Our Minds. We Want Everything Done For Us Even If That Means Losing Parts of Ourselves. I’d say Convenience comes at a Price!

Our Kryptonite is to much media. television, social media, apps, to say the least. What is meant for mere entertainment has become the source of our lives. Our way to connect to people is not actually helping us stay connected to each other or what is already around us. We don’t know how to talk, hangout or even create something to do off of the top of our heads anymore. If all else fails, we would be a room full of people on their devices.

There has to be a Balance

The only way to keep ourselves present and in our powers, we have to keep our minds and bodies active to ourselves and immediate surroundings before anything else. Exercising, puzzles, reading, mental challenges, meditation and social media detoxing are a few ways to keep ourselves connected. Go out and socialize with random people downtown, go walking or do something you always wanted to do!

I am a social butterfly, now while I don’t have an account with every app out there, my balance between being on social media is valuing in-person communications, maintaining healthy communication with those I can not see in person, Yoga, my art, my businesses which involves empowering others and I work in retail. At home, I enjoy my me time, I love my peace and I take full advantage of what the universe has for me to share!

Last but not least, I can not stress the value in being aware of The Root of You which is Your Birth Date. The more details you know about that day, the better. It helps you become more aware of your life path and what to expect for the day all the way through the year. The Solution to knowing your True Power/Purpose/Path is in Your Numbers. I can assure you that it has information about your most effective way to reach out to others.

My reason for being a Harry Potter fan is 1st the same actors remained in the movies throughout the series (I love consistency), the foundation was in the friendships that bonded them together all the way to the end (I live vicariously through them) and they had their companions to rely on when all else failed (I have fur pals too). When times got hard he had others who believed in him (My Followers, Visitors & Support System). When there was no one else, he had to believe in himself (I am just as determined if not more to achieve all of my goals).

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did creating it!! Until Next Time.. Keep Shining and Take Care!!!

Yours Truly

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