March is Women’s History Month

As a blogger, one thing I choose to do is celebrate! Celebrate You, Celebrate Me, Celebrate Special Occasions. Like this month! This is Women’s History Month! 31 days to learn about the past, present and future of womanhood. Share the struggles we have faced and become more aware of struggles yet to come. Sip tea or (like some of us) some tequila, sit around and share stories of survival.

While it is important to learn about the next person, I would like for everyone to think about those who are looking up to us. Yes, You! Whether you know it or not, someone out there is looking up to your strength, your courage and/or confidence. They might even use your story as an example to follow in hopes of empowering others, just like you have for them.

I have some ladies that I look to for empowerment!

Distinguished, Resilient, Cultured, Supportive, Aware, Assertive, Triumphant and Colorful are just a few words I will use for this bunch! A sense of humor is not the word, these ladies will have you on the floor! They all have stories but you would never know just by looking. They have hearts of gold and still til this day wear it on their sleeves. They use their experiences as tools to guide them and to inspire others.

Tonya McElroy: She keeps me laughing! She is so funny but she is so real. Even though she loves to have fun, she knows how to conduct herself when it’s time to handle business. She knows the law and is highly litigious. She’s spunky, fierce and knows how to handle herself in any situation.

Dianne Rogers: She was my Office Communications instructor in 2007 for Atlanta Transportation Communication Union Program, an advanced program under job corps. She shared her wisdom and experiences on how to maneuver through life greatly. She is the reason I am who I am today! She taught us how to leave interviews with jobs, how to communicate with confidence and how to avoid any situation that may lead us down the wrong path. She became my mentor after I graduated in 2009 and is still my mentor til this day.

Ebony A.: I have been knowing her since I was in the 4th grade. She is talented, colorful and is the friendliest person you will ever met. Most cases, before she will spend money, she will attempt to DIY her own make-up, lashes and even hair. Everything she does looks professionally done. No matter what happens to her, she is determined to do whatever she has to in order to come out on top. Today, she is currently working in the judicial system in Florida.

Natalie Purdie: I never met her in person. I saw her story on ID channel one day. She didn’t allow anyone stop her in any kind of way. She is an advocate for other survivors. She even invites other survivors to contact her and guess what she responds back! I shared my aspirations and she was full of encouragement!

Elizabeth Sharlene: Ever since I met her, she has been a ray of sunshine for me. She’s compassionate, fun, spiritual and very productive. She is always doing something positive! Not to often have I never seen her with a smile. I love the fact that even though she is always super busy she finds the time to be with family and friends.

My theme for this month is, “Sister Empowerment Month.” We all are sisters. We can give each other power to do something. We keep each other inspired to do great things!

I am looking for great things this month and I do plan to be apart of it everyday! Until Next Time…Keep Shining and Take Care!!

Yours Truly

Women’s History Month 2022

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