Using the Elements for Self Care

Hello Everyone! Today I would like to discuss the elements. There are four elements which are fire, water, air and earth. Each zodiac is associated with one of each. The qualities of the elements directly relate to the qualities of the zodiac signs. Each element may be used as life giving sources for their accompanying zodiacs.

Most things in life consists of Yin (feminine) and Yang (masculine) factors in order to maintain balance. In the sense of elements, Earth & Water are feminine (nurturing/sensual) and Fire & Air are masculine (communicate/take action).

Elements are the foundation of which individual tendencies are born. Remaining balanced is essential to physical and spiritual well being.

Self Care involving elements are an excellent way to understand, nurture and honor self.

Fire: It is said to be the first element born when the universe was created. Symbolizes Creation, Energy, Vitality. Belongs likely to a person who is Active, Competitive and Highly Passionate. Has a large amount of drive and energy. They can be Impatient and Quick Tempered. This element can help you tap into your Inner Child, Creative Muse and the Sense of Confidence.

Self Care for Fire Element: Taking time out to regroup, Finding ways to calm self to find renewed change to restore/maintain purpose

Maintain Balance through: Relaxation, Fun

Earth Symbolizes Abundance, Stability, Solidity. Belongs likely to a person who is Pragmatic, Dependable and Realistic. At times they are Inflexible and Ruthlessly Stubborn. This element can help with finding Stability and Consistency.

Self Care for Earth Element: Exploring deep love for the finer things in life, Discover how to nurture the whole self in depth, Keep heart chakra active.

Maintain Balance through: Aromatherapy

Air: Symbolizes Communication, Intelligence, Versatility. Belongs likely to a person who prefers Thinking Logically Rather Emotionally. They can be Incredibly Indecisive and Fickle by Nature. This element helps with Mental Clarity and Enhancing your Communication Style.

Self Care for Air Element: Find activities to help open the subconscious to embrace creative side.

Maintain Balance through: Creative growth, Activities with nature, Learning something new

Water: Symbolizes Emotion, Dreams, Healing, Intuition and the Universal Realm, it is said to represent Death and Rebirth (Life). Belongs most likely to a person who is Naturally Perceptive of their Surroundings. They can be Moody and Hypersensitive. This element can help you tap into your Emotions and Bring you Closer to the Spirit World.

Self Care for Water Element: Intensify Bath Time, Ambiance, Find ways to Express Emotions and Experiences

Maintain Balance through: Writing, Meditation

By working alongside nature, numbers, elements, stars, symbols and origin meanings to learn how to work on ourselves, helps us work more effectively with everything life brings us. It helps us use our strengths and weaknesses to our advantage. We are able to resolve conflicts with others better.

By gaining a insight and having a broader perspective of the zodiac, allows us to improve our lives, be more aware of what is going on inside of us and what is going on around us every day.

Until Next Time…Keep Shining and Take Care!

Yours Truly

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