Memories on the Day for Fools

Hey All of You April’s Fools! I can recall several pranks between me and family members growing up.

My intro to the day, I was no more than five years old. I had just woke up and I was walking into from my bedroom to the kitchen. The front way was through the living/dining room. Just before my little feet could hit the wooden floor my older brother yelled, “Nails on the floor!” Let’s just say I was hopping on one foot to the other before I realized there weren’t any nails on the floor.

From then on I began pranks all of the time and especially on April 1st. Come to find out, I was living in a house full of pranksters. At that time, I’d say was one of the best times of my childhood.

My dad would only prank me when we were watching scary movies. He’d wait until it was dark and everyone was into the movie. He’d grab me by the shoulder and yell Ahh! Got me every time! I use to hide on the side of the refrigerator when I knew my dad was coming and jump out on him.

Whenever he’d call the house, I’d change my voice. I got him every time! When he called back we would laugh so hard about how I fooled him.

I remember April 1, 2005, I really wanted to prank but without transportation, I didn’t have access to anyone. A light bulb lit up. Ding! I got on the phone, blasted some music in the background.

I had called people and had them looking out for my “new car.” Once I hooked them, I told them I’m almost there and that I’ll see them when I pulled up. I waited a couple of minutes, called them back saying, “April’s Fool!”

It’s so funny when people forget it’s April 1st. Innocent fun for laughs is sometimes necessary. People need to loosen up sometimes. Most people would assume that I am uptight. For the ones who really know me knows Trip is another Harlequin. I love making people laugh. It’s great to have hilarious memories to look back on!

What’s your best prank you performed or witnessed? (Comment Below)

Until next time….Keep Shining and Take Care!!!

Yours Truly

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