Reintroducing You to Your Birthstone

Hi Everyone! I’m going to discuss birthstones and the attributes they bring to wearers. They are mostly worn as jewelry, such as, necklaces, bracelets, rings or earrings. I think it’s safe to say, most of us wear our stones as reminders to celebrate our birth month all year round.

Birthstones all have healing properties. They each have their own distinct quality to stimulate the wearer. They assist in transferring positivity and strength. They can establish an intense spiritual bond between you and loved ones by offering protection to your children, immediate family members and friends. They can also help you concentrate and handle life with a stress free approach.

Being aligned to nature (everything that is naturally apart of you) allows your cosmic colors to come into alignment. The more you are aligned, the greater your chances of succeeding in life!

There were great disagreements over which stone would represent each month until 1912 when Sears published a list of all of the birthstones and the month they represent. Below I will share the stone for each month and information on how to use this stone for the wearer’s prosperity.

January- Garnet: Protects from nightmares, Offers guidance in the night, Can support self worth, Protects lungs and heart, Increases energy.

February- Amethyst: Calms spirit and gives focus, Protects from drunkenness, arthritis and illness, Guards the mind, Gives power to overcome difficulty and Strengthen love relationships.

March- Aquamarine: Promotes self expression and courage, Boosts love, good health, youth and happiness, It is said to assist pregnant women by protecting mother and child from harm.

April- Diamond: Symbolizes eternal love and courage, Protects from insanity, Can increase both negative and positive energy (be careful), Treats dizziness, Detoxifies the body and Cure Allergies.

May- Emerald: Cures specific ailments and can possess the gift of foresight, Promotes health, Prevents illness, Detoxifies the liver, Improves health, Heals from sinus infections and eye disorders.

June- Pearl/Alexandrite/Moonstone: Protects against nervous and anxious thoughts, Helps control anger, Treats digestive disorders, Increases fertility and Eases the pain of childbirth.

July- Ruby: Protects against misfortune, Enables wearer to get along with others, Supports emotional health and Encourages the removal of negative energies.

August- Peridot: Relieves stress, Calms anger, Protects from evil, negativity and black magic, boosts immune system and Improves skin.

September- Sapphire: Brings success, Reduces pain, Demonstrates purity, wisdom, faith, loyalty and serenity, Treats blood disorders and Excessive bleeding.

October- Pink Tourmaline/Opal: Possess healing and restorative energies, Strengthens memory and Increases the will to live, Relieves stress and Increases mental alertness.

November- Citrine/Topaz: Has a reputation for warding off evil thoughts and poisonous snakes, Brings success and prosperity, Improves intellect and removes negativity, Promotes health and wellness in mind and body, Protects from negative influences.

December- Zircon/Tanzanite/Turquoise: Brings happiness, good fortune, good health and prevents headaches, Possesses healing properties, It is said to have the ability to change colors.

Personally, I like to keep an open mind for anything positive that is meant to help me prosper in life. Like I have mentioned before I was named after my birthstone, which is Jacinta also known as Sapphire. I have been protective over all of my loved ones even before I found out all of my connections to this universe. I have been on the journey to seek truth since childhood. I am faithful in the spiritual and physical world. If you are a friend, I am loyal all the way to the end.

I believe I do not have to wear my stone because I look at myself as one of the living birthstones in this era and Proud of It! I am not discriminate against any of the other birthstones. In fact, I have great knowledge of all of their qualities and won’t hesitate to use any of them if it means helping me succeed!

Birthstones were created with energetic infusions. They were placed for your protection from negative influences. They offer healing and helps you escape the worst aspects that were meant for your failure. I encourage everyone to stay connected to all things that are meant to help them prosper!

Thank you for reading!! Until next time…Keep Shining and Take Care!!

Yours Truly

More Information on Birthstones:

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