My Mother’s Day Tribute

Hi Everyone! Happy Mother’s Day!

That includes all women! Even if you have fur babies.

I’m one to say that even if you are not a mother by blood, if you have nurtured or guided anyone in a positive manner then you deserve kudos too!

This tribute is about three women, who all have had a hand dealt in my life and the lady I am becoming more of everyday. They have survived a lot and never showed any guilt when it came to overcoming anything else life handed them.

My Mommy, the late Jacquelin Allen is the reason I have a life in the first place! I not only inherited her looks but she also gave me her fun loving spirit. She worked hard to maintain her independence and had the personality that attracted people from all walks of the world.

My Auntie, the late Barbara Allen is the person who introduced me to PCs. She helped me learn how to type. As a matter of fact, I would not have been the first person in my typing class who knew how to type if it wasn’t for her. She was very independent. She would often encourage me to not depend on anyone for anything,

I feel fortunate because not only did we all part ways on good terms, they got the opportunity to see me finally get what they use to tell me and make better decisions for myself and my life.

My former Instructor, Mentor, Spiritual Mother and Friend since 2007, Ms. Dianne Rogers is the only person who hasn’t ever given up on me. In a school full of hundreds of students, I am one of the few this lady has been supporting and encouraging since the day we met. In what seems like this short time, she has met all of my family and friends.

While her student, I was fortunate to learn what she calls, “The Game of Life.” My description of the guidance she provided were ground rules based on her own personal experiences and theories of life to help any and all who listened to achieve anything they put their minds to.

Once I graduated from the school she eventually retired from, she opened up more about her personal life as far as family and friends.

Every triumph or tragedy I’ve experienced, no matter the distance, Ms. Rogers was some where encouraging me to keep going. She cares about me so much, she even went to both my mommy’s and auntie’s homegoing celebrations. Assisting her in the commute each time, was a former classmate, Kay.

There is no other way of saying, She is An Amazing Lady!

These three ladies each has given me something that no one has ever given me or can take away. My mommy gave me life and the will to live. My auntie gave me structure and broaden my way of thinking by expanding my vocabulary. My spiritual mom was at one point my only source of encouragement. She has always been the same lady to me since the day I met her. She is one individual I know is compassionate about the young people she comes across.

I wish the most fun, festive celebration of all celebrations for all examples of mothers on this day. If you have decided you are not doing anything this year, I wish you the best rest and comfort this day can bring! No matter what, I hope all you enjoy this day, your way! Until next time…Keep Shining and Take Care!!!

Yours Truly


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