Dual Nature of Life: You & The Universe

Duality stems from the latin word “duo” which means “two.” In the universe there are many duos: God and satan, light and darkness, masculinity and femininity , good and evil, innocence and experience, life and death, right and wrong. The same applies to us as individuals.

The philosophy of dualism teaches the difference between brain (Matter) and mind (Soul).

To know a person’s true nature means to know the life path (birth) and the soul attributes (name) of a person.

Duality is the basis of our consciousness which is our perception and awareness. By being aware of your dual side (ego) is not encouraging it, it is allowing yourself the opportunity to understand one thing in relation to the other within you.

The awareness will promote balance into your life. Instead of looking at both sides separately, they are actually two sides of a whole. It is what we want people to know/what we don’t want anyone to know, What is Great about us/What is not so Great about us, What we are Proud about ourselves/What we are not so Proud of about ourselves.

Analyzing the “not so perfect” about ourselves as individuals may be uncomfortable, it’s experiencing that that will allow us to experience the true freedom of life. With this awareness, it gives us the understanding of knowing that with anything “negative” or traumatic, there is always something good that will come from it.


In the concept of nothingness, there is everything. If you are working out an issue with someone. After the conflict is resolved there is an overall feeling of nothingness, in that moment, the possibilities are endless. Now what happened before is gone and you are given the opportunity to move on in a whole new direction. Creating the possibility of more options.

The Universal Law of Duality

As far as humanity, the outcome of their existence depends on the exercise of their freedom (free will) to choose. If a person chooses to follow the principles of good, he will reap the fruits of righteousness. The one who chooses to do wrong will reap the consequences of his actions. By accepting the positive and the negative in ourselves and in life we are creating a balance to experience wholeness.

Thank You for Reading!! Until Next Time…Take Care and Keep Shining!!

Yours Truly

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