Survivor’s Stories Vol. 1: The Narc & The Company that Represented His Person Part 1

Note: Any story I post as a true story & court case is a part of public records and may be viewed in the county the case was tried

Hi Everyone! I have another story!

The difference between me, some sad people and some angry people is the fact that I take advantage of all opportunities before the moment is over. I have no problem with standing up for, defending and protecting my person at all cost. Most people would understand that with no problem unless you are a narcissist. A narcissist always think they are the exception to the rule.

Some things in life come unexpectedly! If you are like me, if there is a chance to be fully prepared or ahead of the situation, we will.

Could someone tell me how do you know who would be the one to take their vehicle and use it as a weapon against your property and hit you?

How would you react or respond in that very moment as you watch the driver, thinking he is about to pull off as he instantaneously throws his car in drive, align his passenger’s side tires with your belongings that is in the next parking spot and proceeds to step on the gas?

Shock. Adrenaline. Defense. Courage.

I ran out in an attempt to protect my stuff, assuming the driver was prepared to step on the brakes, the idiot bumped into me mid-stride and bumped my right knee.

Confused. Emotional. Anguished. Pain.

Once he backed out this time he actually left. As if, that was that. There I was in disbelief of what I just witnessed that just actually happened and the fact that it happened to me.

I looked at my building to see if I could see at a quick glance, if I could spot a peeper peeping in the blinds.

I told myself, “No time to see who seen it. I need to get my stuff inside so I can see what damages I’ll have to deal with.”

What was neatly pulled into the parking space next to a neighbor’s suburban was now scattered (some into pieces) all over the parking lot.,

Mind you, I never would have thought any fully grown human being would ever think to use their vehicle to destroy someone else’s belongings and almost run them over!

Let’s start from the beginning of the story, shall we?

I’ll call him, “the narc” because Mr. is way to much respect and narc is short for narcissist. You know the one’s who are excessively full of themselves? Well I’ll say he’s the one I have come across who showed he was the most full of it all.

He moved down to Macon, Georgia from New York. His step brother opened up a convenience store and asked him to come down to work for him. Well by the time the narc arrived in the town, the store wasn’t ready.

The narc came to town with no money. The only person he knew was the step brother. He ended up sleeping in the store, coming out in the day, trying to find food and such. He came across someone who was living in the salvation army and was escorted there.

Once at the salvation army, he pretty much manipulated his way through the town. From saying he was “playing crazy” to get into a local housing program all the way to gaining employment at a local nonprofit known for assisting homeless people.

Little did his employers know, not only did he have a double life at home, he was cocky enough to be doing his dirt even at work.

He was drinking and drugging while on the clock. His bosses (I’m assuming) trusted him because they handed him keys to their company’s vehicle. They’d never believe he’d sometimes use it to do drug runs even with others in the car.

One time, there was a phone that came up missing at his place of employment. He had to use the car to run an errand for the job. The owner of the phone made such a fuss about their phone, the thief jumped into the car with him. While on the interstate the thief threw the phone out of the window.

Never thinking it would bite me in the ass, I tried to include him in my business as a partner. He agreed to being partners for the business in hopes of pursuing something romantically.

Things were fine until he realized I wasn’t interested in him romantically. He would start arguments with me to get what he wanted, run other people away and for a reason to leave.

I found out my mother was dying. Anyone else would be understanding or even empathetic to someone going through losing a parent. Narc’s may appear to understand but their actions will insinuate they do not own an understanding bone in their body.

He created more chaos once noticing my mind was occupied about my mother. I was so confused because nothing about that made sense to me.

October 2, 2019, between 11:00-11:30 pm, after starting an argument for no reason, I couldn’t take it anymore so I agreed to return to my place so I would at least have some peace. Once I arrived in front of my apartment, I got out of the car, removed my property from the vehicle and purposely placed it in the parking lot to the right of me next to a suburban in the parking space. Being that I know how to drive I gave the narc enough room to back up without hitting my belongings.

I was standing on the sidewalk in front of my apartment, waving him and his passenger good bye. Waiting on them to leave so that I could get my stuff. That’s when the worse, best thing that could have possibly happen happened to change my life forever!

He drove off without a care in the world.

I was torn between should I leave my belongings scattered to find a phone to call the sheriffs or should I take everything into my home to see what I had to deal with. Being that my nerves were on edge, I did not know what to do in a bizarre situation such as this. I took my damaged belongings into my apartment.

It took me 9 days to get the money and file the petition for a court order.

This completes the first part of this story. Details of the company that took his case, the days leading up to the court date & my day in court on part 2-3 of the Narc & the company that represented his person!

Thank you for reading! Until next time...Keep Shining and Take Care!!

Yours Truly

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