The Benefits of Distinguishing Energies & Vibrations

Hi Viewers! Welcome and Welcome Back!! I’m here to report yet again proof of our connection to one another as well as our connections to the universe Herself. Mind you, I have previously posted information about numbers, duality, the universe, birthstones, elements and our relations to them (all) as a whole as well as how to find out about yourself individually.

In this post I am eager to enlighten everyone about energies and vibrations. The differences between energy, vibration and vibes are as follows:

  1. Energy: (noun) A power derived from the use of physical or chemical resources, especially to provide light and heat or to work in a mechanical way.
  2. Vibration: (noun) A periodic motion of the particles of an elastic body or medium in alternately opposite directions from the position of equilibrium.
  3. Vibe or Vibing: (noun & verb) From the Urban Dictionary it means to get into or tap into one’s good feelings. Usually due to good music that makes you feel good or a certain positive way. A feeling that is pleasing to an individual or group of like minds.

4 Types of Energy:

  1. Soul (spiritual) Energy Close affiliation with our emotions. Views depends on the Heart. It encourages our love, compassion, appreciation and worth. Beginning with you and your heart will allow you to see the miracles that would/could come from this. Choosing between being uplifting (Happy-Go-Lucky Ducky) and downhearted (Debbie-Down Cake) determines the outcome.
  2. Mental (mind) EnergyThe thought, idea and/or the source of all of your creations (good or bad; intentional or unintentional). Our happiness/unhappiness, will-power/procrastination and even productivity/under-performance stems from our state of mind. Gaining the ability to identify Imbalances and learn to counteract will heighten your awareness.
  3. Vital (body) Energy– You ever heard the saying, “You are what you eat? Food is in representation of the mind, body, soul and is meant to flow freely throughout your body carrying energy to all parts of the body encouraging to function healthy. In my opinion, everything that we allow our bodies to consume should be viewed in the same manner.
  4. Carrying (intuition)((mind+body+spirit=soul)) Energy– A sort of aura or frequency that a person gets from someone or thing. The sportsmanship of humility and gratitude balances out the sense of pride from ego and arrogance of having an advantage of reading your senses and others.

Intuition– The ability to understand immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. The way our subconscious communicates with our consciousness. This ability sometimes eliminates logical reasoning but balance will make it easier to distinguish between the two.

Vibrations may be oscillating, reciprocating or periodic. Oscillating meaning to move or swing back and forth at a regular speed. Reciprocating meaning moving backward and forward in a straight line. Periodic meaning as appearing or occurring at intervals (time, space, pause or breaks).

In my opinion, the three sets of vibration (when pertaining to life and our connection to the universe) are as follows:

  1. OscillatingOur Individual Lives and Our Response to It
  2. ReciprocatingLife Herself
  3. PeriodicLife & Individually

How to Enjoy Them All!? (Individually or Universally)

  1. Find the Balance (Rhythm)
  2. Learn how to Align/Realign Self
  3. Cleanse (mind, body and spirit) often
  4. Open yourself (mentally, physically, spiritually) and obtain the knowledge on how to stay protected at the same time
  5. Set Boundaries, Stand by Them, Stand on Them and Put Your Feet In Stone on Them

4 Major but yet Optional Vibrations:

  1. UpliftingNot only being in good spirits good for you, you also enjoy putting others in good spirits.
  2. HighYou are in a good spirited mind frame. If you help someone, you help someone but you refuse to let anyone change your mood.
  3. DownheartedRefuses to look at the brighter side of things and if you make another feel as bad it doesn’t matter either.
  4. AnguishedSo irritated, aggravated or angry enough to make someone feel the same even if that means going out of your way.

My Own Personal Experiences of Becoming Aware of Energies and Vibrations

Over my little 38 years on this Earth, I’ve learned to read cosmic vibrations through outcomes of past experiences. I took a time when I was provoked to defend myself. How was my body reacting, how was I feeling, as well as others and the whole ambiance of the environment. Whenever there were good times or good feelings, I would analyze it the same.

I took note on every little detail of every moment and categorized it into 3 sections. What I Will Allow, What I Won’t Allow and What I Can’t Help but to Deal With. Life is about choices so I choose to keep a good heart, I choose to be happy and I choose to only handle the things life leaves me no choice but to handle. I choose who I will deal with and who I won’t. If that individual is not healthy for me and my life, they will leave me no choice but to cut ties and leave them behind. No exception, No explanation!

11 Benefits of Being a Master of Distinguishing Energies and Vibrations

There are tons of rewards and offerings that comes from being so in tune with yourself and the universe so here are the ones I came up with:

  1. Saves you time and sometimes money from being around the wrong spirited individual(s).
  2. You are more aware of anything that is about to transpire that you don’t agree with and avoid it, is necessary.
  3. Enables the ability to see more opportunities
  4. Allows you more control in your own life
  5. Be able to Decipher between Reason, Seasons and Lifetimes in People, Places or Thing
  6. You become more selective about places you go, people you be around and what you choose to involve yourself in
  7. You are mindful of when you are in alignment with yourself and the universe
  8. Learn to enjoy your own vibe
  9. Promotes comfort-ability within your skin and all around you at the same time
  10. Become more aware of the vibe or energy you are sending out to others as well as in the universe
  11. Bonus: This could be one of the answers to the most asked question in the universe, “Why is this happening to me!??”

Challenge for My Viewers

Yes, I have another challenge for you guys!! Whenever you are out somewhere, around others or in the middle of a situation, take the time to note the ambiance of the individual, place or situation you are in. Pay attention to how you feel overall, how does it make you feel mentally, spiritually and emotionally? Do you even see colors? Is the feeling good for you? Do you like it? Use the good and bad feelings you get from experiences (and individuals) to determine where you go in life from this point.

Look at yourself in a 3rd person perspective. What vibe or energy you are sending out into the atmosphere? Are you happy with this person? How are you making yourself feel? What feelings do you think you give others. If you were a host(ess), would your guests think of you as the life of the party or would it become a pity party? Really take a good look and be brutally honest with yourself, if you have to!

If you are in a situation you are not pleased with, I assure you this would be one of the first things you would need to do in order to identify, accept and make the changes needed to put you in a better place in your life!

Viewer’s Experiences and Comments Wanted

Have you ever had a time where you said to yourself,Something told me not to do that?But you did it anyway and paid for the consequences? Did you do it again or did you learn from it? What did it teach you? I want to know about it!! Post it all below!

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Thank you so much for your time! I Hope You Enjoyed This Post!! Until the Next One…Keep Shining and Take Care!!!

Yours Truly

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